Another Tricky Week For Points

St Ives Ladies’ 2’s v Newmarket Ladies 1’s – 1 – 0 win to St Ives.

The ladies first team suffered another blow to their league campaign as they lost a second match in a row – something that has not happened in quite a few seasons. Their opposition were St Ives ladies 2′ who have had a very consistent season so far.

Town’s fate was sealed early in the game as just a few minutes in St Ives broke free up field and with a single chance at goal scored from mid range severely punishing Newmarket’s initial slow reactions.

Sadly the situation did not improve for Town as they were unable to halt St Ives runs and find passages to goal themselves. Despite confident passing around the back of the field Newmarket struggled to escape their markers and get to the ball first putting into question their desire to win.

Town were reduced to 10 players just before the break due to a stray tackle but fortunately St Ives were unable to take advantage of this situation.

Short corner chances also failed to deliver for Newmarket and St Ives found the goal twice more but both were disallowed due to a ball hitting a foot and a shot not being struck inside the D.

An injury put a halt to the game for 5 minutes which did galvanise Newmarket afterwards but time ran out and the game ended 1-0 to St Ives.

This mid season blip pushes Town down to third in the league behind the two teams who have defeated them and they will look to reverse these results when they play the second leg after Christmas.