Points For All Teams!

Pelicans 2’s v Newmarket Mens 1’s: 2-2 Draw

Newmarket 1’s travelled to Pelicans.

MOTM Wilson and DOTD James Atkinson.

One should avoid discussing any contentious umpiring decisions in the match report. The game was a 2-2 draw.


Newmarket Men’s 2’s v University of East Anglia Mens 2’s: Newmarket win 4 – 3

Newmarket made it two wins from two and eased their way into mid table security with a hard fought victory over a competitive UEA team. With Matt Holden still missing and Chris Evans coaching elsewhere, Town are still yet to field their 1st choice side this season.

UEA lined up with at least one player wearing a sleeveless top in a formation which saw them play 1 man up high – hoping to break quickly and rely on youthful legs to get up in support. Would youth triumph over experience? Could the apprentices really beat the sorcerers? Of course not! Town dominated the 1st half – teaching the young soap dodgers a lesson you don’t get taught in lecture theatres.

Town welcomed back skipper Drew Wood after a 2 week absence, and he joined up with Andreou, Reed and McTaggart in a midfield that had everything, running (McTaggart), skill (Andreou), tenacity (Wood) and boyish good looks (Reed).

Behind them was a wall of masculinity, 4 old war horses who were to form the foundations from which attacks were built.

Those attacks were plentiful in the 1st half. McTaggart opened the scoring in the first few minutes before Hoosegood added 2 more – making it 6 in 3 for the most feared forward in the league. What this chap doesn’t have isn’t worth having and it is no surprise that the crowd regularly hits double figures when he is available. McTaggart completed a 1st half rout as Town went into the break 4 – 1 up.

In the second half UEA mixed things up, changing formation and taking advantage of the home sides tiring legs. Newmarket lost their way and at 4-3 there was a risk that UEA could snatch something from a game they had been well and truly out of after 35 minutes. Thankfully Alex Andreou took control, carrying the ball into the corner and holding off all comers to see out the final few minutes and secure all 3 points.

Special mention must go to young Seth Bailey in the Newmarket goal who made a number of good saves at key moments. His progression has been a key factor in the 2nd XI becoming a side with a real chance of staying up this season.

Next week Town travel to bottom placed Watton. Hoosegood misses the trip but Town should still have enough firepower to continue this little run.


Newmarket Ladies 1’s v Panthers Ladies 1’s: 3 – 2 win to Newmarket

A trio of points were won by the ladies first team for the second week in a row, which finally injected some belief into the newly promoted side.

Panthers coming from the Coast were in no mood to wait for a win. They took the game by the scruff from the off and in fact it took under 30 seconds for them to waltz passed ‘slow to start’ Newmarket with their fast paced forward darting the ball into the bottom left corner.

Alas, Town were yet again having to claw the game back and find their feet. Panthers were vocal and physical and met the ball ahead of Town and passing very quickly up the centre of the pitch. Jade Atkinson had a challenge on her hands in the Newmarket goal having to read the speed of the game and track through runners. She made a wonderful save-her stick having to do the reaching, just tipping the ball wide.

Captain Faye Andreou had to focus her side and ushered them to be stronger on the ball. She led by example as Newmarket were awarded a short corner. After holding up the ball, she swerved a defender and reverse hit a shot neatly over the keeper’s foot. A fine sight to see for Town supporters and the game was back on for the home side. Sadly Panthers were to take the lead again on the stroke of half time.

Newmarket remained composed and were looking the most spritely of the two sides at last. They were moving the ball well and winning the 50/50 balls and hassling the backline. This dampened Panther’s spirits and their attitudes began to change towards the match – blaming everything from the colour of the umpire’s shirt to children playing on the sideline as to why they were not in control of the match, even asking every person on the sideline to stand in the same place as it was ‘putting them off.’ It was incredibly embarrassing to witness.

After continual back chat and rash tackles, 2 Panthers players were sent off and this is when Newmarket pounced. Town’s second goal came from Calli Cannon who was quick to react in front of the keeper – easing the ball past her right foot bringing Newmarket level. Good tracking in midfield from Claire McDonnell and Angel Fayers created space for forward players Loren Davenport and Di Thomas up front and Town pushed up Zoe Bailey, Gail Parkins and Vicky Sievewright.

Using her speed on the ball Kerry Alderson was beating her marker every time and able to combine well with Fayers on the right. With Panthers back to their full player quota they seemed defeated by their own attitudes; and could not muster the spirit to play as a unit.

Newmarket were firing on all cylinders sensing a victory and a lovely ball from Andreou found McDonnell in midfield. She slipped the ball to Cannon who combined with Andreou again. She pushed goal-wards and the ball found the keeper’s foot. Prowling by the Keeper’s pad-Thomas was quick to poach the ball and edge it over the line with true elation. With less than 3 minutes remaining it was nearly Panthers who made a comeback after being awarded a short corner. The ball was injected out slowly and had to be retrieved by a waiting striker. She took it into range only to be met by Parkins who swept the ball wide out in to space where Alderson was on hand to hold the ball out of danger. The final whistle was a relief to the home team and they were satisfied with their performance in a game that required a lot of composure.

Next week the ladies 1’s travel to 4th placed Lowestoft who have won 3 out of their 5 matches.


Huntingdon Ladies’2 V Newmarket Ladies 2’s: 8 – 0 win to Newmarket

Newmarket was off to a slow first 10 mins but after the 1st goal being scored, the team settled and quickly added another 3 goals to their scoreline.  One goal came from a well-rehearsed long corner. Anna Sambrooke, passed the ball back to her defender Sarah Ganiford, who firmly delivered the ball to Rebecca Bunning in the centre. She then struck the ball into Cassie Edgar-Ayms who was waiting to receive. With a firm strike to the post, Donna Keates insured this was another goal to add to the Newmarket score sheet.

A great set up by Lydia Evans and Olivia Haste allowed Anna Sambrook to notch one in on the right post.  Some high play from Olivia Haste allowed a ball thought the middle from Lydia Evans, which landed straight on the end of Olivia Haste’s stick which she then turned and was one on one with the keeper…kept her cool and smashed it past then keeper, making the back boards rattle.  Lydia Evans managed to secure another two goals both from Short corners, which were strongly injected by Tracy Cockerill.

Newmarket also used their defense to their advantage, allowing the ball to go back and straight across, switching the play quickly, to keep Huntingdon on the back foot.  When Huntingdon were able to take play of the ball, Newmarket placed extreme pressure on them, making sure that any free hit was covered with their secure wall of defense making it a very quiet game for goalkeeper Sue Bullimore.  All of the ladies played well together, making one well-oiled machine earning them an 8-0 win. Nelly of the day was awarded to Cassie Edgar-Ayms who ended up on her knees in front of the goal keeper missing an easy goal scoring opportunity. Player of the match was awarded to Rebecca Bunning.

Scorers: Donna Keats 3, Lydia Evans 2, Anna Sambrook 1, Olivia Haste 1, Tracy Cockerill 1.


Newmarket Ladies 3’s v Ely Ladies 3’s: 4 – 0 win to Newmarket  

Another impressive turnout and the first win of the season for the Ladies 3’s was against Ely’s 3’s team. We anticipated a stress-free game, so when our defensive area saw nothing more than tumbleweed in the first half; thanks to the defensive team of Phoebe Peacock on the left wing, Vicky Benedikz and Lou alternating left centre, Georgia Atherton on right centre and Jane Dryland and Janie Harrington alternating on the right wing, we knew a strong attacking game was ahead.

A swap of roles for this game put Atherton outfield and allowed the new and upcoming keeper, Claire Spiers, to be able to pad up and impress with her new skills that have been learnt naturally and extraordinarily fast. Although she didn’t break a sweat in this game, she is competent and confident, so watch this space when she next plays!

By the end of the first half, we were 2-0 up, thanks to Bea Jones who was then determined to get a hat-trick by the end of the match. The team all agreed that it wasn’t our finest play, despite the score as we were scrappy in places. Although the team all managed to use the whole width of the pitch, think about passes and use each other to zip through the whole opposition. Also, even after losing one of our strong defenders, Benedikz, to an injury, we still held a strong wall against the Ely ladies nevertheless. Midfield played a strong attacking game and used each other systematically in order to get the goals we were after.

During the second half, the opposition picked up their attack, meaning Helen Hansgate, Bronnie King, Rachel Hogg and Charlotte Abbersteen were put through their paces to pick up the ball when they received it, which was effortlessly gained back every time by each player. After the attacking girls, Jones, Lydia Wilmott, Hannah Fox and Brooke Le Marie, worked fluently together in the second half, a third goal was scored by Fox, shortly followed by a fourth by Jones completing her hat-trick promise! Which obviously landed her with man of the match (special votes too for the upcoming birthday!) and Wilmott received an almost unanimous vote for ‘Teddy.’ Finally! A turn for the 3’s and onwards and upwards from here!

By Georgia Atherton

Team: Claire Spiers, Jane Dryland, Janie Harrington, Georgia Atherton, Vicky Benedikz (C), Phoebe Peacock, Lou Purcell, Rachel Hogg, Charlotte Abbersteen, Helen Hansgate, Bronnie King, Bea Jones, Lydia Wilmott, Hannah Fox and Brooke Le Marie.