Last Matches Before Christmas Results

Norwich Dragon’s 3’s v Newmarket men’s 2’s. 1-0 to Dragons

Newmarket travelled to Norwich without key players Will Hoosegood, James Wrinch, Peter Reed, Mungo Prentice and Lee Blade. Matthew Holden was also unavailable.

Town started this year just hoping to stay in the division. Such has been their progress under their inspirational skipper Drew Wood that their depleted side came away genuinely disappointed with a 1-0 loss against the side sitting 2nd in the league and widely tipped to go up.

Wood moved  Louis “The Professor” Hrebeniak into centre midfield and the young starlet repaid his skipper’s faith with his best performance of the season. Composed on the ball, disciplined and with a positional sense which defies his tender age the Prof will certainly find his name on the 1st XI team sheet soon – as long as Griffiths can spell it.

Having been caught too high in recent weeks Town left Harrington as a deep sweeper and deployed Benedikz and Rompkowski as markers. Both were outstanding. Big John didn’t put a foot wrong all day. Hard but fair in the tackle and never wasteful with the ball he has become an integral part in Towns back four – as has Rompkowski. The Polish hard man never left his man. Known to his friends as “Chopper” the new found subtlety with which he fouls his man could see him rechristened Damo “The Nudger”.  

Andreou – as always – was outstanding. The National Leagues loss is Div 4’s gain and it no surprise that everything Town did well went through “The Magic Man”. It was he who won the short corner that Harrington crashed inch wide, and his cross that Wood deflected narrowly past the post. Had either gone in it could have been oh so different for the yellow and blues.

When dragons did break forward they found Seth Bailey in fine form. Bailey pulls of great saves most weeks but this week he was just plain solid. There were no world class saves this week. He just did everything he was asked to – and did it well. He dominated his D and gave Town real belief that they could keep the home team out for the full 70 minutes.

Atkinson could have wrecked that plan before half time when he talked himself into a yellow card but Town battled through to half time with the scores still level.

Town let themselves down just a little bit in the second half as legs tired and they started to hit long hopeful passes rather than build patiently. Dragons turned the ball over far too many times and when their Skipper rolled his marker and slung a hopefully ball to the back post  he wrong footed Bailey and the ball crept in. It was no more than Dragon deserved for their dominance at that stage but perhaps a bit harsh on the Town lads over 70 minutes.

There was still time for Harrington to go on his once a game wobble into the opposition half, beating several men before running out of steam just outside the 25.

Town go in to the Christmas break in good spirits. If the youngsters continue to improve and Andreou can still fit into his hockey kit after the inevitable Christmas weight gain the second half of the season promises to be just as much fun. Well done one and all. Its been emotional.

Norwich Dragon’s Ladies 2’s v Newmarket Ladies 1’s. 1-0 to Dragons. 

It was a close match between the Norwich Dragons and the Newmarket Ladies 1st team this Saturday. Newmarket had a quite impressive first half, and earned two corners against Norwich, as well as a few close goal chances. They impressed playing a controlled, defensive game against a side who had not been beaten all season. Goalkeeper, Jade Atkinson, made some outstanding saves which kept Newmarket in the game with a 0-0 score at the end of the first half.

Within 5 minutes of the start of the second half however, Norwich stepped up their offensive play, earning their first and only goal of the match with a good build up of positive passing. Faye Andreou and Tania Fisher of Newmarket held a great defense the remainder of the match, never giving Norwich another chance at goal. Town also were determined right up until the last whistle when they looked to be turning the game.  The match ended with a 1-0 Norwich victory.

Overall, Newmarket held their own against the Dragons. All of the ladies seemed on top of their game, and worked very hard. They were commended by the umpires for demonstrating the best defensive performance this season against the side. Atkinson’s excellent work in the goal earned herself “Player of the Match”.

Newmarket Ladies 2’s v Newmarket Ladies 3’s. 5 – 0 to Ladies 2’s.
The last game of the year for the 3’s was against none other than the Newmarket 2’s..
We knew a tough game was ahead, as the 2’s regularly reach double figure scorelines. Un-deterred we brought our A games and fought our hardest! With a very strong defence including Georgia in goal, who spent most the game under siege, but made some crucial saves. Rachael who captained our team from the back, Ela who spent half her time sprinting around with an attacker, Hannah F, adaptable as always and Janie, who played her finest game and undoubtedly claims the title of ‘Best Harrington Hockey Twin.’
In midfield were Helen, who played a strong game as ever, holding the middle. Bea, who impressively ran the length of the pitch repeatedly to help defence and attack, and Hannah K who worked her little legs off to get back to defend too. 
Forwards had a quieter game than most, but worked well together when faced with the opportunity. Charlotte, Lydia and Sophie who all played their top games and showed a really good standard of hockey.
2-0 score at half time and 5-0 by full time with an unfortunate penalty flick against Georgia, who read the right direction but unfortunately slipped under a leg! Then a last scrappy goal to total 5-0 and a final whistle. 
Man of the match went to (joint) Georgia and Ela and ‘Teddy’ was well and truly for Hannah Kelly, for being late, then hit in the face with a hockey ball, but was adamant it was because of her “cheek definity… On one side..” 
(Dream) Team:
Georgia Atherton, Rachel Pegg C, Janie Harrington, Hannah Fox, Ela Mackiewicz, Helen Hansgate, Bea Jones, Hannah Kelly, Lydia Wilmott, Charlotte Abbersteen and Sophie Bell.