L1’s Coast To Victory

Panthers 1’s v Newmarket Ladies 1’s. 1-4.

​Saturday’s match against Panthers who are based in Sherringham, was one full of rain and wind, however this did not stop the Newmarket Ladies First team getting an away win.

Newmarket came out strong in the first half, shutting down Panthers defensive end. With a beautiful flick into the net, Di Thomas scored the first goal for Newmarket-her fourth of the season.

Newmarket seemed to relax a bit, causing Panthers to earn a goal that was deflected off the foot of one of Newmarket’s defensive players. The first half ended in a tie.

At the start of the second half, Newmarket swept by Panthers with their strong passes and constant communication from Claire McDonnell. Calli Cannon scored the second goal from a long corner pass (her third goal of the season) and soon after, Donna Keates scored the third goal for Newmarket pouncing on a close range scuffle-her fourth for the side this season.

As the rain picked back up, so did the action. Lydia Evans scored the fourth and final goal for Newmarket. A short corner was the last play of the match. Injected out by Thomas; she found Captain Faye Andreou at top D. She slipped to Evans who belted the ball goalwards providing a defensive deflection in. With seconds remaining in the match, Newmarket were able to hold off Panthers from scoring another goal, ending the game in a 4-1 Newmarket victory.

Next week the side face third place Lowestoft at home, 2pm.

MOM: Diana Thomas
DOD: Lydia Evans