Membership Forms

The Senior and Junior membership forms for the 2015/16 are now available for download. These, along with the appropriate subscription fees, are due from all players by 30th September and must be handed in to either the Membership Secretary or direct to the treasurer. All cheques should be made payable to ‘Newmarket Hockey Club’ and marked ‘membership’.

Click here to download the Senior membership form.

Click here to download the Junior membership form.

Please complete and submit forms and payment as soon as possible as members who do not hand in on time will be subject to an additional £20 fee. Seniors who wish to attend training on a regular basis but not play games are still obliged to pay their full yearly membership subscription fee.

New members who wish to play in the men’s or women’s teams will also be subject to a one-time £40 fee to cover the cost of kit. This amount should be added to the total subs fee due.