Week 6 Results – M2s Triumph at Home

Newmarket Men’s 1s: 4-5 loss vs Harleston Magpies Men’s 3s (Away)
(Wilson 2, de Burgh, McTaggart)

Newmarket travelled to Magpies expecting a keen contest on one of the region’s few water based astros, with October delivering typically autumnal weather fortunately there was no need to Magpies to water the pitch before the game!
Magpies came out of the blocks quickly and took the lead after a few minutes when the forward reacted the quickest to deflect an optimistic cross past young keeper Seth Bailey deputising to veteran Martin McCourt.
Newmarket were struggling to clear the ball from Magpies well organised press but gradually the back 4 of Darren Jenkins, Simon Harrington Jordan Newnes and Lewi Hrebeniak started to work the ball out and down to the other end of the pitch. Newmarket won a penalty corner at the other end. William Wilson’s cross shot was forced home by debutant Charlie de Burgh at the far post.
Magpies soon took the lead again for the baseline after Bailey misjudged where his near post was. Newmarket, unperturbed, equalised from another penalty corner, Harry Bell’s drag was saved by the keeper and Wilson reacted the quickest to force the rebound in.
The score was 2 all at half time, but it was not long before Magpies took the lead again from an unfortunate penalty corner harshly given against town. Newmarket promptly went up the other end, Sam Smith played the ball into Charlie de Burgh, he carried and with the ever industrious Mike Skelton creating the option right he slipped the ball left to the unmarked James McTaggart who undercut into the right hand side of the goal form the top of the D.
Magpies took the lead again with a well worked goal, but again Newmarket hit back, the ball slipped left to Wilson from another penalty corner and he finished early through the keepers legs. As Newmarket pushed on for a winner they were caught on the break in the last minute to concede the eventual winner.
A tough result against a team that have won all their games at home, the match will have taught some of the more inexperienced players a few lessons as the team look to consolidate for a top half finish again this season. Coach Andreou will need to work on the team’s shape without the ball and individual decision making to make sure that, when the team score 4 goals away from home, they take something from the match.

Newmarket Men’s 2s: 5-3 win vs I-ES Men’s 3s (Home)
(Hosegood 3, Blades 2)

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: 0-5 loss vs Cambridge University Ladies’ 2s (Home)

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: 0-7 loss vs Cambridge South Ladies’ 2s (Home)

On a gloomy Saturday afternoon, the Newmarket Ladies’ 2s walked out onto pitch hoping to break the losing streak of the last couple of weeks. With Captain Holly Woods on holiday and Vice-Captain (and goalie) Jess Boyle out sick, it was up to Mel Podd to steer the team to victory. With a simplified formation, the ladies were feeling confident.
Cambridge South 2s won the push back and immediately put Newmarket on the defensive. The game play remained predominantly in Newmarket’s D but thanks to 1st team goalie Sue Bullimore stepping in, Newmarket managed to keep the goals at bay. Eventually though despite some great defensive work from Jasmine Wombwell and Jess Felton-Page, Cambridge managed to slip one into the net. Despite having two subs this week, Podd had to come off in the first half due to injury meaning Newmarket were a sub down. Hannah Rowley came on to cover as centre mid alongside Clodie Rolfe and between them had some good tackles to win back the ball.
Newmarket managed to make a few breaks out of the D, with Wombwell passing out to Stef Deezy who passed up the line the Hannah Kelly and ultimately to Olivia Haste to make a break. South were persistent though and Newmarket were working hard to win the ball but struggling to keep possession. Newmarket managed to create a couple of opportunities on goal in the attacking D but South’s ability to be omnipresent meant there were no direct shots on goal despite the efforts of Bea Jones and Rebecca Barnes.
The final score stood at 7-0. Man of the Match was a draw between Felton-Page and Kelly. It was a tough game and Newmarket battled well but it just wasn’t to be. Next week they face Bourne Deeping 2s away.

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: 0-5 loss vs Cambridge Nomads Ladies’ 2s (Away)