Week 7 Results – Home Win for Ladies’ 3s

Newmarket Men’s 1s: 1-2 loss vs North Norfolk Men’s 1s (Home)

Newmarket’s 7th game of the season was against a side who were playing in the higher league of 2N last year, so Newmarket were expecting a tough game ahead.

Newmarket started the game half-hearted and without regular centre back Newnes due to pebble dashing and were not the side from previous weeks. Newmarket also had a poor warm-up which left Town on back foot for the first 10 mins or so, leaving some players frustrated. A quick change in the backline eased the pressure of the back line of Harrington, Newnes, Bell & Jenkins but it was too late and North Norfolk’s previous pressure was awarded with a goal for their efforts. 0-1. Newmarket pushed on with a number of Penalty Corners and were unlucky with two chances, one from Bell’s drag flick and another by Wilson’s bottom right shot.

Town’s midfield of Smith, McTaggart & Leggett tried to force through an experienced opposition to feed the frontline of Skelton & Holden, with only a handful of passes reaching their targets. As the half progressed Newmarket struggled through but towards the end Wilson managed to play a confident pass to Holden, which he passed to Leggett on right side who fired in a cross to find McTaggart on the back post to claim a scrappy goal. 1-1.

The Half time team talk was a positive and had some constructive criticism, which captain Holden wanted to keep the ball and make more use of the wings.

The second half started the same as the first half finished with both teams playing scrappy hockey. North Norfolk were the fitter of the two sides and this showed towards the end of the half as Newmarket attempts on goal were fading away. The game in the second half saw a few cards shown to both sides for reckless tackles which either side failed to capitalise on. (Just in case anyone this side of New Zealand hasn’t heard, yes I did get a green -L) The North Norfolk experienced centre back, who throughout the game flicked from the 16 yard hit out with great affect, managed to find the front men who won a penalty corner and scored. 2-1. Town’s struggling efforts as the dying minutes faded away saw a couple of opportunities through Bell and Skelton, but to little effect. As the final whistle blew Newmarket were left knowing that every one of them could play much better than they had.

Newmarket know that if they had kept the ball, made sure the simple passes get to the player intended and had been switched on from the start of the game, on any other day they would have gotten a result, but just wasn’t to be.

MOM: Harry Bell
DOTD: Lewi Hrebeniak (We won’t mention the throwing of the stick)

Newmarket Men’s 2s: 2-3 loss vs Ipswich Cranes Men’s 1s (Away)
(Blades, Wood)

It was beginning to feel like Ipswich was the centre of the universe as the M2s travelled East yet again this week. The town seems to have few redeeming features but Gippeswykians certainly love their hockey and Ipswich Cranes were keen to give the M2s some gip. It was a beautiful autumn day that greeted the team to St. Joseph’s College, an independent school with “traditional Christian values.” With temperatures in the high teens, a slight breeze and a bright blue pitch surrounded by trees with a coat of red and yellow and green and brown and russet and gold, it was a scene Joseph himself would have been proud of. The pitch had an unusual surface, so spongy it resembled a massive trampoline. Every strike of the ball caused it to bounce, so it was back to ‘straight sticks’ for those of us that remember playing on grass. The Cranes were obviously used to playing on this surface and dominated play in the early stages. After only 3 minutes a well worked move took the ball into the Newmarket ‘D’, bobbling all over the place to the sound of stick against stick as several mistimed tackles went in from both sides. The Newmarket defence appeared to be waiting for the whistle to be blown, but it didn’t come and the ball was tapped into the net. Newmarket regrouped and at times played some attractive hockey. Youngsters Rory Podd, Ollie Trent and Oscar Kenny all made solid contributions to the team as they continue to develop, although later Rory was awarded DoD as he was spotted on the half way line with his hand in his pocket as Newmarket defended a short corner. Was it cold hands or pocket billiards? No one knows and no further questions asked. As half time approached Will Hosegood made a characteristic drive into the Cranes 25 yard zone, taking the ball to the left of the ‘D’. Suddenly, the Cranes goalkeeper appeared to fall from the sky as he tried to tackle Hosegood outside of his area. But the wily Will deftly passed the keeper and struck the ball across goal, glancing off the left hand upright and across the ‘D’ but no one could reach the simple tap in. Mark ‘Arsenal’ Pears also caused problems for the Cranes defence including a goal mouth scramble with the keeper who performed the ‘dying fly routine’ with some panache and with arms and legs flailing, managed to keep the young ‘Gunner’ at bay.

The second half was a similar affair and Newmarket were beginning to come to terms with the surface. But is was the Cranes again who made their chances count, scoring 2 more in quick succession. Now 3:0 down, it still looked like an open game and Newmarket continued to battle. Lee ‘Budda’ Blades was well prepared for Halloween with most of his mummy bandages already in place and he regularly struck terror into the Cranes defence. It was Budda that scored first for Newmarket after Drew Wood and Arsenal combined well to deliver the ball into the ‘D’. The tempo was building in favour of Newmarket and shortly afterwards ‘Arsenal’ picked up the ball in his own 25m and drove the ball like a man possessed. After crossing half way he combined with Ollie Trent who delivered a lovely ball into Drew Wood in the ‘D’ and the Captain finished well. With time running out, the game finished 3:2 to the Cranes which was probably a fair reflection of the game, but it could have gone either way. Hosegood, just back from Spain, won MoM for his energy and drive throughout the game. Next week as we welcome UEA-2, it’s tapas all round.

Click here to view photographs of the match by Peter Booth.

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: 0-11 loss vs Alford & District Ladies’ 1s (Away)

The sun broke through the early morning cloud as 3 cars laden with Newmarket Ladies and paraphernalia wound their way up various A roads, B roads and driveways through the counties to face this week’s opposition in Skegness.  On the outskirts of Wisbech a coffee and comfort stop was deemed necessary so the next Golden Arches (other fast food outlets are available) was identified. This may have been our first mistake: revitalising though the fare may have been, the speed of service definitely matched the Halloween Zombie apparel and removed vital minutes from our slick warm up routine.

Newmarket started strongly, diving into Alford’s half but Alford’s defence prevented clean shots and although the ball moved little and often, no sound of the back board came to give Newmarket the edge. Donna Keates couldn’t quite connect with Lydia Evans’ sonic speed strike to the outside of right post from a penalty corner and suddenly the tables turned. Alford had Newmarket on the back foot, passing swiftly from their D and outrunning our midfield. Jazz Freed seized the opportunity to prove married life agrees with her constitution and made a welcome return to central defence but though tackles were strong from the back 4 and switch passes were at pace, any move forward failed to find our midfield and Alford kept intercepting, constantly overlapping and then overloading the Newmarket D. Alford’s strikers became relentless, powerful and numerous. Newmarket’s man marking was tighter than it has been all season but even Kerry “not bruised yet” Alderson cannot mark 3 players at once. The resulting goal was followed in quick succession by high speed, dramatic goals which threw experienced goalie Sue Bullimore all over her area in all sorts of gymnastic manoeuvres and lowered Newmarket’s spirits. By half-time Newmarket were 8 goals down.

However the second half saw a momentous pickup in Newmarket’s game, a time-machine style return to the initial 10 minutes but this time with shots bringing Alford’s goalie into the game. Our midfield were pushing forward and retreating effectively, our defence moved up the pitch to create better support, passes were more productive. Perhaps the journey’s carbohydrate load finally kicked in; Grace Evans proved her stick works for both attack and defence and Anna Sambrook used positioning to great effect to widen the play. Alford only managed to put another 3 goals in the net and seemingly with more effort and less theatre.

Alford’s umpires commented Newmarket never gave up, it was a game of good conduct, cards stayed firmly in pockets and the Guardian of the Card Bench had no need to start his stopwatch. It was a long way to drive to get such a negative goal difference but there are positives from the performance which showed the grit and determination of the ladies who were able to travel.
And at least it was sunny and the pub chips were good……

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: 0-10 loss vs Bourne Deeping Ladies’ 2s (Away)

After a succession of tough games, Newmarket knew that this match would be no easier. With Bourne having beaten many of the teams who had defeated Newmarket, it was clear it was going to be a challenge.
With first push back given to the blue and yellows, Newmarket’s Olivia Haste started the game and immediately it was a defensive one. Despite Bourne’s efforts though, Newmarket managed to defend well and hold them off. The pressure put on by Bourne’s attackers soon showed though as they netted their first goal, much to the disappointment of goalkeeper, Georgia Atherton who had stepped in to help the team this week having worked a night shift and had only an hour’s sleep!
The flood gates opened then and despite Newmarket’s best efforts more goals slipped into the goal.

Newmarket did manage to make a couple of breaks towards the D with Haste and Jess Logan running the ball between them but the defence of Bourne was just too strong and the ball was soon making its way back to the Newmarket defence.

The second half saw much of the same with Newmarket starting to tire but still working just as hard. Their grit showed but was unfortunately unrewarded as Logan and Haste won a penalty corner which was immediately cleared away from the goal.

Man of the Match was deservedly awarded to Vicky Waspe who despite being in defence, had been running around to assist all areas of the team.

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: 1-0 win vs Cambridge South Ladies’ 2s (Home)(Wombwell)

After a few tough matches in the past few weeks, the Ladies 3s successfully kept a much welcomed clean sheet and secured a thoroughly well-deserved 3-points!

Newmarket anticipated a hard match against visiting Cambridge South 2s, but under the careful guidance of coach Colin Seakins, the Ladies 3s were able to put into practice all that has been developed during training and kept South at bay in what turned out to be a tiring end-to-end game.

Newmarket started strong, with the centre line of Beth Wombell, Janie Harrington, Helen Hansgate and Captain Rachael Pegg preventing any South advances towards keeper Claire Spiers’ goal. Newmarket played the ball around with confidence, displaying some quality individual ball skills and teamwork which managed to keep the score at 0-0 to a more experienced South team by half-time.

Newcomer Abbie Farrow made her mark soon into the second half. Farrow battled hard up the right wing and showed true determination in maneuvering the ball into the South D, she took a hard tackle from a South defender which earned her a 3point winning penalty corner. Harrington injected the ball to a waiting Wombwell who deftly received the ball, controlled and sent it screaming past the South keeper into the bottom-right-hand corner of their goal.

Newmarket continued to battle hard as South embarked on a mission to secure an equaliser. Charlotte Abersteen and Emily Fairweather worked tirelessly up the left flank, playing some beautiful hockey between them, and ably supported by Jane Dryland and Tiff Seymour who shared the position of left back. This exceptional team performance and player inter-play was reflected in equal measure by the solid skills of Loren Davenport, who linked up well with right-back Donna Seymour and right-wing Jess Farrow.

Newmarket held on, despite numerous South advances towards the end of the 70minutes, and thanks to Spiers’ helmet, saw the match out 1-0 the victors.

The spirit and work ethic of the 3s players never ceases to amaze, and with seven players nominated for MoM, the vote was won by Janie Harrington for a second week running. Teddy went to Rach Pegg for face planting on the astro instead of clearing the ball away from goal.