Week 16 Results – Men’s 2s Thrash Ipswich

Newmarket Men’s 1s: 2-4 loss vs I-ES Men’s 2s (Away)
(Leggett, Skelton)

After last week’s loss to Norwich Dragons, Newmarket were looking to improve and go one better against a team with whom they drew 1-1 earlier in the season. I-ES 2s are flying high in the league and find themselves in 2nd place of Division 3NE, a position that could possibly see them promoted up to the dizzy heights of 2N.

Newmarket started the game on the back foot, with I-ES closing play and breaking up the midfield with the determination of a side looking to win the league, as the visiting team looked like they were already dead and buried. I-ES played the ball well from the left side and with Harrington, Newnes, Wilson & Jenkins struggling to cope with the number of I-ES players coming through the middle, Newmarket conceded the first goal from a lovely finish past McCourt. Newmarket were now being pushed back deep into their own half and the home side managed to knock three more goals into the Town net. Newmarket were just not getting to grips with the game and the first 20-25 mins was overshadowed by some poor tackles and pushing from both teams. The captain of the away side was soon called over to debate this with the Umpires, possibly a tad unfair as captain Holden thought it should involve the skippers of both teams. The game was end to end stuff, but it was Newmarket who finished the half the stronger with a penalty corner awarded from a great move involving Bell and Dawson. The decision for the slip on the right post didn’t go to plan but, following some superb composure from Harrington at the top of the ‘D’, Town managed to get the ball to Leggett who volleyed into the net. 4-1.

At half time Newmarket knew they could play so much better, and some of the senior players in Wilson, Harington and Skelton unleashed their characteristic words of wisdom.

Newmarket started the second half much better, went on a number of attacks and were unlucky not to get a goal early on the half. The ball was moved nicely between the midfield of Skelton, Smith and Leggett and into the wide positions occupied by Dawson and Bell. Newmarket were now pressing hard and won a free hit just outside the ‘D’, Holden quickly self-passing to fire an angled cross in the direction of Skelton and, with his trademark magical touch, he glided the ball past the ex-national league keeper and into the bottom right corner. 4-2. Town were now playing far more positively and started pushing to get another goal, but for Newmarket it was too little too late. A late yellow card was dished out to Wolfpak CEO Newnes in return for a kick that the mighty Liverpool FC could have done with, but by then it was all over.

Newmarket know they can play much better than this and will be looking to better themselves next week. There are plenty of positives to take from the game and no one should beat themselves up, it may have been something that you may have done or you didn’t get in the run of play.

“Wax on, wax off.” – Mr. Miyagi (The Karate Kid, 1984)

Or, as I would like to say, “Wax on, rub off.” Blah.

MOTM – Leggett

DOTD – Newnes

Next week, Newmarket Men’s 1st XI are at home against high flying Harleston Magpies 3s, (pun intended) a game in which Town are hoping to gain a point or three, as last time out they lost in the last hit of the game. See you then.

Newmarket Men’s 2s: 8-0 epic win vs Ipswich Men’s 3s (Home)
(Blades 2, Wood 2, Andreou, Atkinson, Bunker, Pears)

When Newmarket M2s visited Ipswich for the away game, we were beaten 5:2 by a faster, stronger and more skillful side. Going into what was a crucial game for Newmarket, sat at the bottom of the league on goal difference and 2 points behind Ipswich 3, a difficult game was expected. Unfortunately, Ipswich were only able to field a team of 10 players so were at an immediate disadvantage, but from the opening push back Newmarket were in the driving seat. In fact, it would be no exaggeration to say, Newmarket were on fire and the result was never in doubt.
Newmarket played some of their best hockey this season buoyed by the vocal home crowd who braved the cold. Despite the impressive 8-0 scoreline, this was also to be Newmarket’s first clean sheet of the season, with keeper Seth Bailey only being called into action on a handful of occasions and so freeing up some time to work on his GCSEs. The back four of Atkinson, Baker, Benedikz and Hrebeniak  were cool, calm and collected, thwarting the odd short corner and vain attempt at attacking the Newmarket ‘D’. At the end of the game, Hrebeniak was overheard saying that it was just like watching The Netherlands and immediately put in a transfer request. There were times when it seemed like Newmarket had 110% possession as we dominated the midfield with Andreou, Wood, Labuschagne and Atkinson junior in midfield, providing a ‘field day’ for strikers Lee ‘Budda’ Blades and Mark ‘Arsenal’ Pears, while subs Bunker, Booth and Podd (sounds like a shed company!) rotated to give extra legs and a certain ‘je ne sais quoi.’
With so many goals, age and fatigue, this particular correspondent can’t remember the order in which they were scored. But it seems no one else can either. One thing is for sure, it was a goal fest of the highest order. Newmarket opened the flood gates after about 10 minutes when Budda smacked one in from the middle of the ‘D’ followed by Bunker with a delicate flash of stick work to make it 2:0. Budda missed a chance but Andreou took the third with an exocet that could involve some repair work to the back boards of the goal. Budda missed another chance approaching half time but at the break and 3:0 up it was goal difference that became the focus.
The second half again was dominated by Newmarket and the determination of the players was illustrated no better than by Baker and Hrebeniak. When closing down an Ipswich player on the edge of the Newmarket ‘D’, they redefined the ‘tackle’ with a new leapfrog manoeuvre that resembled something from a Laurel and Hardy movie and resulted in both players on the deck, but the Ipswich player so dumb struck and perplexed that the ball was cleared from danger. Budda missed another chance before Wood slammed one in followed shortly by a dainty chip from Atkinson (Junior, just for the avoidance of any doubt). Even the veteran Booth came close to scoring, armed with 4 hockey sticks loosely disguised as a Zimmer frame. He thrashed at the ball in a goal mouth scramble, failed spectacularly to connect with the ball and was saved by his Captain who nudged him out of the way, handed him a cup of tea and slotted the ball home for his brace. Budda missed a couple more before collecting his brace of goals, along with DoD for the ones that got away and a gracefully executed nose dive in the opposition ‘D’.
In an amazing twist and perhaps for the first time in M2s history, the DoD was also MoM. Budda picked up both accolades for an afternoon of graft, a couple of great goals and proof, as if it were needed, that you can be a D one moment and an M the next.
There is little documentary evidence of the impact that the Roman Empire had on South Africa. Or perhaps his inspiration came from a fortune cookie in a Ceasar Salad. But either way, his Ceasarian background became clear at the end of the game when Centurion Drewus Woodius called his legions together and uttered those immortal words, “We came, we saw, we conquered!”
After a 5-3 win at home, next week we travel to top of the table IES-3 in what should be a great game. Travelling fans please note that this game is ticket only!

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: 1-5 loss vs St Ives Ladies’ 1s (Home)
(L. Evans)

This Newmarket Ladies’ 1s game was against St Ives 1s, with a push back time of 2pm. This game was always going to be a tough one as St Ives have been playing extremely well recently, and as a result, top the league. Within 20 minutes St Ives scored first from a penalty corner and then within another five they scored again from another penalty corner.  The third goal also came shortly after, from a breakaway move. Newmarket fought hard back and as a result scored a lovely and much needed goal from a shot by Lydia Evans. This gave Newmarket a boost for the second half. The score at half time was Newmarket 1, St Ives 3.

Despite multiple attacks, sadly in second half Newmarket couldn’t seem to score another goal. An attack by Claire McDonnell went horribly wrong for the opposition whereby McDonnell took a shot at goal, one of the St Ives players tried to stop it but had her stick at a bad angle and the ball flew into the air, smashing into another St Ives player and splitting her forehead. Time was stopped as the player was patched up and taken off to hospital. The game then resumed with a penalty corner to Newmarket, but unfortunately it missed its mark. St Ives upped their game during injury time and managed two more goals.

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: 0-14 loss vs St Ives Ladies’ 2s (Home)

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: 0-3 loss vs St Ives Ladies’ 3s (Away)

This was always going to be a tough match for Newmarket, given that earlier in the season they were on the receiving end of a 6-0 defeat by the same opponents. Newmarket looked forward to creating chances and hindering their attacks to show the progress they have made throughout the season so far.

The first 10 minutes had lots of promise, Town putting St Ives on the back foot and keeping hold of possession. St Ives slowly started to take control and Newmarket did well to just keep the scorelines level. Eventually however, the pressure told, and St Ives snuck ahead just before half-time.

The half time chat focused on our determination to work hard. So, at the start of the second half, pressure was once again applied, but St Ives showed why they sit 2nd in the league. They had the lion’s share of possession and chances, but made mistakes that gave Newmarket hope and opportunities to get back into the match. Unfortunately for those in yellow and blue though, these opportunities slipped away and St Ives went on to add a couple more goals for a 3-0 win.

Given that St Ives 3s are one of the stronger teams in the league and had already beaten Newmarket 6-0 earlier in the season, this result is a positive one for the Ladies’ 3s and shows that much progress has been made.

Team: Vicky Benedikz (c), Claire Spiers, Sam Brooke, Tiff Seymour, Donna Seymour, Milou Ottolini, Mel Podd, Sophie Bell, Jane Dryland, Abbie Farrow, Jess Farrow, Georgia Rolls, Emily Fairweather, Charlotte Abbersteen, Verity MacMahon and Rachel Hogg.

Man of the Match: Vicky Benedikz

Teddy: Verity MacMahon

Above: Newmarket’s Georgia Rolls challenges for the ball.
Click here to view photographs of the match by Michael Bennett.