East League Posts

East League Management Committee:
As you will be aware the East League Management Committee is made up of hockey people of various backgrounds, playing and officiating standards. Most importantly they are volunteers who allow more than 5000 people to play and enjoy League hockey each week during the League season. If you are able to spare a little time to help develop and take forwards our League we would love to hear from you. Similarly, if you do not like the way the League is run and want to help change what you see as the bad bits now is the time to step up to the plate. if you are interested please let League Chair, Rosemary Prince or League Secretary, Neil Liversedge know. Genuinely we would love to here from you!

League Dates next season:
We can confirm that next season the dates where matches will be played will be 23/09/17 to 09/12/17. 06/01/18 to 10/02/18 and 24/02/18 to 16/03/18. ALL CLUBS SHOULD NOTE THAT 17/02/18 IS A LEAGUE SLIP DATE AND ALL TEAMS/PLAYERS SHOULD ASSUME THAT THEY WILL BE PLAYING ON THAT DATE! It was noted that slip dates for 2 weekends after the end of the season will have to be each side of Easter.

Respect to umpires from both players and sidelines:
As this weekend is the first weekend where it seems we will probably get a full program of play tomorrow it is appropriate to issue a reminder to all clubs and players of their conduct towards umpires. Feedback from the ERHUA, County HUA’s and club umpires is that dissent is at an all time high both from players and from the sidelines. Put simply this has got to stop. We all know that player within our team who from the first whistle chats to the umpire from the first whistle but we never tell them to be quiet and we all know that guy on the sidelines who think it is a bit of “banter” to shout the odd smart alec comment when a valid decision goes against our team. As we, including the umpires, are part of the hockey family it is time to bring this behaviour under control. We encourage all clubs to remind their players and supporters of their responsibility under the England Hockey Code of Conduct, and yes it applies to all players and all supporters both before, during and after the game. We can’t play the game without umpires, they volunteer to give their time so that we can all play the game and we MUST give all umpires a positive level of support and encouragement.

Confirming Pool Umpires:
Are you your clubs Umpire Liaison Officer or the man or lady responsible for confirming your teams Pool Appointed Umpires. We have been asked to remind you that if you are lucky enough to receive appointed umpires it is your job to confirm the final details of your home games by 9.00pm of the Tuesday prior to the match being played. A vast majority of clubs do, however there are a small number of clubs who do not and if you continue to try to confirm your umpires after the deadline you run the risk of the umpires being allocated to other games or the umpires deciding to do something else with their Saturday. It will be your job to explain to your players why their game is called off and, potentially, have to explain why your team has had League points deducted. You have been warned in the nicest possible way.