Newmarket Umpire Posts

The AGM will be coming up and if anyone wants to take on the role of ULO then I will be happy to pass the role on.

Junior Hockey is running from 6-7pm in June and July. They will be playing games in their age groups so umpires would be appreciated.

Summer League Hockey will run on the same evening as the juniors and umpires are usually picked from the teams not playing – but it is good experience.

Update from Newmarket Hockey Club ULO

We have an opportunity for support/coaching with Barry Anderson (to be arranged) in September. I will confirm everything but it would be good to see all captains, VCs, umpires and anyone else, interested in creating a better relationship between umpires and players.

Umpires for Junior County finals day – Sunday 23 April

Dear All

As the League season has now finished you are probably all thinking that’s it for another year and I don’t want to do this job again!

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for doing one of the most difficult roles in a club and for providing umpires for all your club League matches and for Pool matches when required. I do not under-estimate the time and effort this takes and the stress this can cause as we all know a match cannot take place without umpires and with a lot of goodwill this is achieved every week.

I do however have one last request. East Young umpires usually provide umpires for all our Junior County Finals day tournaments but they are only able to provide for the U15 boys and girls this year. The U14 and U13 boys and girls also have Finals on Sunday 23 April and Counties are being asked to provide an umpire for these dates. I have already informed our Cambs HUA and a message has gone out to Pool umpires but as we have 4 venues to try and cater for I thought you might have some Club umpires who might be willing to do this. Petrol expenses will be paid.

The venues are as follows:

U14 boys & girls – Rushmere Sports Centre, Ipswich – 2 umpires
10 – 6.00 pm

U13 boys – UEA Norwich 10.30 – 4.30

U13 girls – Bedford Sports Centre – 1 umpire 10.30 – 4.30

Please let me know if you have anyone willing to help out so I can give them some more details.

Many thanks and hope you all have a good Easter

Kind regards

Sally Tippen
East Competitions Chair
Cambs Youth Chair

Vicky’s Summary Email

I started the season with 17 umpires of which 6 were unassessed, planning to have 4 assessed this year.
On the request of our Chairman, we sent an additional 11 volunteers on the L1 umpiring course.

The number of umpires is now 28 of which 13 are unassessed.
I got 4 assessed over the season with a few on the cards for early part of the new season.

3 umpires have been on the umpire developer course, meeting the new England hockey criteria of having 1 in each club.
A number of newer umpires have been coached or observed by more experienced umpires to help them develop.

22 umpires have officiated this season
Umpires that have officiated:
more than 15 games: 4
Between 10-15 games: 3
Less than 5 – 10 games: 7
4 games or less: 8

Of the new umpires completing the course since the start of the season
4 have umpired at least 1 game
4 of these all have been coached/ or observed another umpire
1 has been assessed