Summer League 2018 – Your Questions Answered

What is the idea of Summer League?
Summer League is intended to be a fun relaxed 7-aside hockey tournament, with mixed teams of mixed ability and ages.  The aim is to meet other Club members from outside your usual team, guide some of our youngsters along, have fun, have a run around, score a few goals.  We aim to accommodate all, and there might be some new people for you to meet too.

When is it?
Starts Wednesday, 6th June and runs for 6 weeks, until the 11th of July, from 7:00pm to 9pm.
You don’t need to be able to make every session, just be sure to let your team/captain know.  If you need to leave earlier or can only arrive later, this is fine too.  Teams will have additional players to accommodate this.

How do I get involved?
Please let Mel Podd know.  Please can you either send me a Facebook message or email me.  If you would like to play as a Goalie or are available to Umpire, please can you also mention this.

Who can take part?
Summer league is open to all Club members, back-to-hockey players, friends, family, parents, and new-comers who would like to try hockey for the first time in a fun and relaxed manner.
We are looking for:  Players, Juniors, Goalies, Umpires, Spectators and helpers.
Juniors over the age of 13 years moving up to senior hockey:  (strictly no under 13yrs)
Juniors must be 13 year old to be considered for Summer League, and their entry will need to be confirmed internally by our head Junior coach.  This is to ensure that the junior player is strong enough for putting straight into an adult hockey tournament.  Any juniors over the age of 13 who would like to play in the senior summer league, please can you email me and we will confirm.  We would like to open this to our juniors who are 13 and moving to senior hockey in September, but we have a duty of care to ensure that that their hockey is of a standard that is suitable.  Any juniors who are not able to play Adult summer league will be able to participate in the junior summer league running in the previous hour.
As this is an adult tournament, there are no coaches there who are able to look after these juniors.

Who is running Summer League and can I help?
Summer League is run by Mel Podd.  There is a lot to do to bring you Summer League and any help will be appreciated!  They are a variety of tasks and if you would like to be involved in the running of a tournament, please contact me.
Additionally – if you have any good ideas that might improve Summer League, please get those over to me too!

How much does it cost?
£20 payable in cash to Mel Podd on the first night.  Please don’t forget to bring your money!  In an envelope with your name on it is first prize.  It is a £20 flat rate regardless of how many times you can attend, payable on the first night.

What should we bring?
Usual Hockey stuff: stick, shin pads, water.  Gum shields and Shin pads are mandatory for all under 18s.  If you don’t have a hockey stick, we have some spare ones, please let Mel know, and we will make sure you have one.  For juniors, please be aware of the weather, we can expect rain and hopefully some sun, bring relevant items for this.  Bug spray may be required.

How do the teams work?
Teams are put together with an effort to make them as fair as possible.  We try to ensure that all teams have an even spread of 1st team players, then 2nd team players etc.  As one of the goals of summer league is to meet other members of the club, we look to mix the teams up.
Teams will have approximately 10 players in each team, this is to counter players not being able to make every week.
There are to be 7 players on pitch, and three of them must be ladies, at all times.  If we have goalies, they will count as a player, you still need 3 outfield ladies.  Players can be borrowed from other teams if you are short on the night, provided the selection is agreed by your opposition’s captain.  The teams will be assigned shirt colours, if you can please get/borrow a shirt of that colour and wear it on the night.
Captains will be elected by the team and will be your contact point for the remainder of Summer League.  Please let them know if you cannot make a week, cannot get there for 7pm, or need to leave early etc.

What are the Rules?
The games are played on half pitches.  There will be two games on simultaneously.  There are to be 3 girls on pitch from each team at any time.
Games will be umpired by two umpires, provided by teams that are not playing at the same time, or by an umpire who is not playing.
If we don’t have goalies:
All normal hockey rules apply, but as we don’t have goalies, there are no direct strikes on goal allowed, and no short corners.  The intention of this is to keep it safe for youngsters and new players.  In the event that we have 2 or more goalies who would like to play, see below.  Any goals scored from hard hits will be disallowed, and a 16 will be taken.
Infringements in the circle will have a long corner awarded.
There will not be any P-flicks etc, as players without goalie kits cannot safely defend against these.
Games without goalies can only score from the small D.
If we have goalies:
The Goalie is one of the 7, so only 6 players on pitch, 3 of which must be ladies.
All normal Hockey rules apply.  We will have strikes on goal, we will take short corners, a lady must take the first strike.  We will play with the large D.
For fairness, at half time, the team will swop ends, but the GKs stay in the ends as they are.
It will be the umpire’s discretion to implement these rules, and all umpire decisions will be final.

Who Umpires the games?
Each team is required to provide an umpire for the game after you play.  This is an ideal opportunity to give umpiring a go if you haven’t before.  Captains will be required to arrange/provide these for the next game to commence.  You can borrow one from another team.  Umpires do not need to be qualified in the slightest, all you need is a whistle and we have plenty to lend out, and a wiliness to help out.   This is a great opportunity to have a go at umpiring, in a fun relaxed manner.

What are Captains required to do?
Arrange the team on the night ready for play.  Be the team contact point.  Arrange an umpire as required for games when you are not playing.  Make sure that the score from games played gets to Mel.

Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
Looking forward to seeing you there