Week 5 Results



Newmarket Men’s 3 – Division 6NE (S)

Newmarket M3s took 10 minutes to settle into their rhythm after which they scored two slick short corner goals courtesy of our one day wonder and man of the match Alwyn Robinson,  Bury knocked one in in the second half, but for 60 mins the M3s were excellent. However as Confucius said “Hockey is a game of 70 minutes”. After 6 minutes Newmarket had been 3 goals down, so the final score was 4v2 to a team expecting promotion. As always there were many positives, but a win is both needed and expected next week against Bury 7s.

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s – Division 4NW

Newmarket Ladies 2s hosted St Ives 3, but were not complacent. The workings of the league meant that the opposition had met everyone we haven’t yet, last season the teams were very evenly matched so Captain Zoe Bailey knew this would not be an easy game between 2nd and 9th that the league table implied.

Newmarket started well, driving into St Ives half from the whistle but frustrated by St Ives’ keeper and the seemingly reduced width of the goals, until Emma “Welshy” Russell-Price intercepted a defence pass and found Georgia Atherton just left of penalty spot to put town at an advantage.

1-0 is not much safety net and at half time, the team were urged to pass, talk and believe in themselves.

The second half resulted in a lot of action in Newmarket’s half, St Ives seeming to pick their passes more successfully, and working well in their diamond formation. Younger players Megan Pithers and Sarah McGowan proved their mettle in their first games for L2, battling well in midfield. Town’s 2nd goal came when Sam Brooke, supporting an attack on the left from Laura Exell, tipped the ball just into the D and struck soundly beyond the reach of the keeper’s right foot.

Next week L2 travel to Cambridge to Wilberforce Road’s new pitches, meeting Cambs City 5: this also promises to be a close match, they sit below us in the league only by goal difference.

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s – Division 5NW(S)

The ladies 3rd XI headed out early Saturday morning, leaving Newmarket at 8:15am for one of their furthest away game travels, to Bedford to play Huntingdon 2nd IX.

Between the country roads, tractors and players making the school girl error of assuming that Huntingdon HC play in Huntingdon, arrival times were somewhat staggered.

Captain Mel Podd expecting that the earlier start and long drive would leave players half asleep, arrived with sugary treats, how-ever the uptake was poor.

With high player unavailability, the team for the day comprised of 11, including several ladies from the 4th team and an injured player who can’t run.  The ladies started off sluggishly, with little oomph, which Hunts quickly clocked and tried to capitalise on.  For the first 15 mins, Newmarket’s game had all the features of a cruise on the titanic.  Between luck and some great goalie skills from Victoria Black, Newmarket survived several attacks in the D, including a short corner given for no apparent reason.

Position changes had to be made on fly, as 11th man Kat Allen suffered with shin splits, and became the 2nd “no running” player in the 11 man squad.

With the team finally waking up towards half time, and a good half time chat, the team started the 2nd half a lot stronger and feeling relieved that the score was still 0-0.

Now Newmarket began to really take control of the game, and began to dominate play.  With good old passing and superb crosses being put into the D by Georgia Atherton, Alisha Vale was first to hit the backboards in the game to take Newmarket 1-0 up.  In a similar move, Atherton found Emily Sargeant at the far post for the 2nd.  Town really did dominate the second half, and had plenty of other good attacking play, and shots on goal.

Captain Mel Podd was very please to take the win, after some challenges in availability and line-up, and very encouraged with the play.  The only challenge is how to get us to play as well in the first half of a game as we do in the second!

Man of the match went to Jane Dryland, who works tirelessly till the very last minute, and this week was no exception.

Teddy was awarded to Victoria Black who now knows she can play a cracking game in goal with only a 5 minute warm-up before pushback!

Next week sees the ladies at home to face Ely 2s.