Ladies 2s Match Report 18.01.2020

15.30 pushback in st Ives to meet their Ladies 3s. The match was not as easy for us as the last time we met. A great match for spectators with play across and long, both teams playing their formations well and eager for the ball. St Ives held us to 0-0 at halftime.All three forwards sent balls searing past wrong sides of the posts  and Faye Andreou hit the post. Georgia Atherton broke the deadlock to give Newmarket the upper hand. And shortly after, Ellie Chapman pulled the best move of the game, intercepting the ball at halfway line, carrying up the right wing to the base line, drawing defenders and keeper then tipping the ball to the p spot to be sent soundly home by Lucie Swann. The score remained 2-0 til final whistle and Newmarket L2 remain top of 4NW(S)