Ladies 2s Match Report 25.01.2020

Newmarket 2s set out to face St Ives 4s. From a wonderful 2-0 against their 3s last week. The girls had high hopes for this game. As soon as the starting whistle was blown it was clear Newmarket had full control of the game, made evident when Georgia Atherton scored in the first two minutes. From that point Newmarket were camped in the opposition’s half, persistent pressure and penetration of the opposition’s D bought another shortly after. Sarah McGowan and our MOM Robyn Henry-Jones worked as Salt and pepper, Batman and Robyn, bread and butter, fish and chips, a formidable combination on the right.Super sub Scarlett Keates, making her debut for 2s, was brought on, and had numerous chances in the D and was extremely unlucky not to score with the goalie making a great save. Opportunity after opportunity came and Newmarket were unlucky to only score another two goals in the first half. Another instrumental team talk from Faye caused us to be more ready for the second half. A quick sugar rush from the tangfastics Zoe brought was the cherry on top. As the second half commenced, it was clear that it was going to be much the same as the first. More goals from Captain Zoe described as “a cheeky reverse flick” and “a bouncy ball thing” to complete her well deserved hat trick. The second half also saw Georgia on the floor again, scoring from the edge of the D, catching the goalie unaware and even umpire John Benedikz who I quote from the man himself “monged out and missed a goal”. Two more goals from Josie who scored an absolute screamer during a short corner. Another two goals came from the legend centre back Faye and she showed her amazing skills and experience in the D. Unfortunately Lucie Swann our top goal scorer was taken poorly during the week and was unable to make the game today. I’m sure if she was available she would’ve had a bag full of goals. DOD and goalkeeper Jersey Bennett had another statuesque game. The reason for DOD was because she didn’t join in with the rest of the team as usual. Next week she may bring an arm chair. This game makes the 13th consecutive win for the 2s and a bright future  for the rest of the season.