Ladies 2s Match Report 08.02.2020

A tough match but good result for NHC L2’s, a beautiful lifted ball from Faye in the first half found the end of Veronica’s stick to smash it into the back board of Shefford and Sandy’s goal. Some lovely passing between Sarah and Robyn along the right wing managed to bring Robyn up into the attacking 23 with a great pass into the D where Josie was on P spot to receive and gladly sweep it into the goal. Shefford and Sandy were quickly back before half time to have a short corner and a goal. 

Feeling tired NHC were given a pep talk at half time to really fight for the ball and get some more goals. Second half was hard fought from both sides but with Shefford showing their frustration, allowing NHC to take advantage and keep on pushing. Great defensive support from Jazz, Faye and T and persistence from Laura on the left wing prevented Shefford and Sandy creeping into our defensive 23 too much. 

Two more goals came in the 2nd half from Lucie, calm composure in the D allowed her to flick the ball over the goalie and into the back of the net. 

Next week’s match is also home, v Haverhill.