Return to Hockey

Your Committee have been working tirelessly in the background as we try to navigate Covid-19, keen to return to hockey, but mindful of England Hockey (EH) and Government guidance and requirements.

The good news is that we return to hockey in earnest next week, but we must all realise that things won’t be the same. 

The first thing to appreciate is that ALL players MUST complete an Individual Consent Form BEFORE they can return to Hockey of any kind. This is a requirement of EH who, along with the Club, will keep a copy of all completed forms. This form needs to be completed just once and from that point on you will be responsible for ‘self-checking’ any Covid-19 symptoms. The link you need to follow in order to complete the form is here;

Please complete the form as soon as possible, thank you.

We return to training on the dates and times below. Please note we need to stagger arrivals and departures as indicated;

Ladies; Tuesday Sept 1st 19:30-21:00
L2/3 arrive 19:30 depart 20:45
L1 arrive 19:45 depart 21:00

Men; Wednesday Sept 2nd 19:30-21:00
M3 arrive 19:30 depart 20:45
M1/2 arrive 19:45 depart 21:00

Juniors – To be advised

Anyone coming to the pitch to collect a player after training is asked to remain outside the cage and socially distanced.

Pay ‘n’ Play will resume on Thursday Sept 3rd from 19:00 to 20:00 with the price held at £3 per session.

Pre-season friendlies are being organised and start from Sept 5th. More details to follow.

Thank you for your patience. We appreciate different people have different views about the impacts of the virus and how risks should be mitigated. However, we must follow EH guidance.

More news to follow shortly.